June 2016

Getting a mortgage is not always as easy as you think!  Pre Approval vs Approval

Posted on Jun 22, 2016 in Real Estate FAQ

Many people, especially first-time buyers and self-employed individuals know that getting a mortgage isn't always simple, and is out of reach for some. It is very important to make sure you understand that BEFORE you are making an offer on a property you've fallen in love with. Many deals dissolve due to a lack of time taken to properly explore you...

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Multiple Representation - Ontario Real Estate

Posted on Jun 18, 2016 in Real Estate FAQ

If you've been around real estate transactions or have friends involved in buying and selling properties, you may have heard the term "multiple representation".

Multiple Representation is a potential reality with almost every real estate transaction and needs to be understood by all parties. Clear steps should be taken to avoid any conflict of inter...

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Will a low offer offend the seller?

Posted on Jun 15, 2016 in Real Estate FAQ

Some buyers will instruct their Realtor to deliver a "low-ball" (well below list price) offer for a property purchase. This practice can be effective if the seller signs the deal back ---keeps negotiating ---and doesn't get annoyed or ignore the offer. It is the legal responsibility of the Seller's realtor to present them the offer, whether they li...

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How do I get my house ready to sell? 5 steps before listing your house

Posted on Jun 10, 2016 in Real Estate FAQ

  1. Get an idea of worth: Call a trusted Realtor and book an appointment for them to come to your home and get an independent, unbiased home valuation. A good, licensed real estate agent, can provide you with an idea(range) of what your home is worth given current market conditions. This is also your opportunity to find the right realtor to sell your h...

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Living with Black Bears in Muskoka

Posted on Jun 01, 2016 in Cottage Tips

I live in Muskoka, which means I live in the middle of black bear country.  Most of us see at least one black bear while driving each year. I've personally seen half a dozen this spring and early summer.
Living close to nature is wonderful, but proximity to black bears often brings concern to local and seasonal residents. Although black bear's are us...

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