How Do I get my property ready to sell in Muskoka?

You probably have a not-so-short list of items that you KNOW should be done—finish off the siding, stain the deck, de-clutter, a fresh coat of paint here and there… If you are considering renovations or major work BEFORE selling check with a realtor to see if your plan will actually add value to your property or NOT. Re-shingling a tired roof, updating kitchens, bathrooms, windows or flooring usually pay off, but not always.  ---Now, there are a few easy steps that don’t cost much that you should do. Check your septic if you don’t live in town. Make sure it’s in good shape and if it’s getting full have it pumped prior to listing the property –take a water sample to confirm there’s no bacteria coming from your well. Get a record of your permits from the Town. Close any permits that are still open. These things take a little time, but aren’t expensive to do. The most important step, and probably the first step should be to get a realtor over to your place. Doesn’t matter if you’re a year away, or if you’re hoping on having a ‘for sale’ sign up in 2 weeks. Make the call, get a professional opinion on how to prepare, and the current market value of your property.