How do I choose a real estate agent to work with?

Good question! There’s certainly lots of people out there who want to sell your property, that’s for sure, and Muskoka has no shortage on realtors! Most people can name 1 or 2 agents, but don’t necessarily recommend using those people. Selling or buying a home or cottage is a big deal! Property purchases are usually the most expensive deals you’ll do in your lifetime. Don’t just work with cousin Ralph because he’s family, or some agent because they deliver flyers to your place twice a year… Meet them, interview them, ask them what services they offer to their clients, how do they use technology, how do they separate themselves from their competition?... They need to communicate well, listen to you, and have answers to your questions!
If you have questions about working with a realtor, don't hesitate to text/email/message Dave! or talk/text 705-645-0682